How to Create an Effective Telecommute Resume Cover Letter

by Shayla Ebsen on November 28, 2011

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When applying for a telecommute job, your resume cover letter provides an employer’s first impression regarding your qualifications. Since that first impression will determine whether your resume is viewed or the entire application is sent to an email’s trash bin, you must spend ample time perfecting the cover letter. The following are tips for creating a great telecommute job cover letter to impress potential employers.

Be Concise

Employers don’t have time to read a lengthy cover email detailing your background and why you’re the very best applicant in the entire world for the telecommute job opening. A cover letter’s purpose isn’t to repeat every detail included in your resume. Rather, the letter must be concise, detailing the job for which you are applying and offering a brief explanation regarding why you’re an ideal candidate.

Use Bullet Points

Since a telecommute resume cover letter will be read via an online format, it must be easy to scan. To ensure optimum scan-ability, include bullet points or other appropriate text separators. The ideal cover letter section for including bullet points is while listing your job qualifications.

Follow Job Posting Requests

A surefire way to ensure you aren’t selected as the final job applicant is by accidentally omitting requested information in your cover letter. If you aren’t able to follow directions listed in the job posting, the potential employer will view you as unable to follow simple directions and will remove you from the applicant pool. Never send a job application without first double checking that you’ve included all requested details.

Don’t be Generic

Few things are more frustrating to employers than reading through generic cover letters that have obviously been submitted to mass numbers of job openings. Each resume cover letter you send should be tailored to each specific company, listing where you found the job posting and for which telecommute position you’re applying.

Never begin a cover letter with To Whom it May Concern. If the job posting doesn’t include a specific contact name, opt for Dear Hiring Manager or a similar opener to avoid coming across as overly generic. Additionally, revamp your job qualifications for each cover letter to specifically address the job requirements listed in the employer’s posting.

Edit, Edit, Edit

Your resume cover letter should be free of errors. Misspellings or mistruths regarding your qualifications are sure to disqualify you from a telecommuting job. Before sending the application email, read and re-read the cover letter to check for inaccuracies. From ensuring you’ve spelled the contact’s name correctly to checking the cover letter for read-ability, every element must be accurate, consistent and impressive.

A cover letter should be included with each job application you send. For a telecommute job, the cover letter is your first contact with potential employers, making it the ideal opportunity to showcase who you are and what you can bring to the company. By being concise and by tailoring the cover letter to each job for which you are applying, you’ll be more likely to land an in-demand telecommute position.

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April December 5, 2011 at 6:20 am

This is exceptional advice! Thank you so much. I agree with so many points, especially in regard to content and editing. I will definitely be sharing this one.


Shayla Ebsen December 5, 2011 at 5:29 pm

Hi April,
Thanks so much for the comment! It’s always great to hear from those already working from home! I think many would-be telecommuters overlook the importance of cover letters which may be holding them back from enjoying the benefits of working from home.


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